Thursday, January 21, 2010


May I just say...SHIVER WAS AN AMAZING BOOK!! I couldn't put it down. I am a few days late of writing my review, but I finished it in under two days. It was a great story line and the writing style was phenomenal how it bounces between two characters but never loses or confuses you. 
Its about a girl who has been watching the wolves in her back yard for her entire life, every winter they are there at the tree line watching back. She is so mesmerized by the one with the golden eyes. She calls him "her wolf". Summer seems to drag on for her because she doesn't see them when the temperature rises. 
I have heard mixed reviews, some saying it was great, some saying its a one sided version of the Twilight series with a better ending. I can see both sides. I am wanting to research when it was written and maybe what imspired it. The next book in the series comes out in June 2010 and I cant wait to read it. Im going to read an excerpt now!! 


  1. Hmm. Im going to add this to my book list! Who's the author?

  2. Maggie Stiefvater. Amazing book. After you read it you will get as excited I was when I found out theres two more in the works. And apparently the movie rights have been bought for the first book. Im excited to see how it will turn out.