Saturday, May 22, 2010

Night Call and The Crown of Valencia

Night Call by Radclyff
8 out of 10
Medivac helicopter pilot Jett McNally's heart belongs to an Army officer she left behind in Afghanistan, and good-time anesthesiologist Tristan Holmes is no substitute, except possibly in bed. 
When Jett comes home from the war and destruction in the Middle East, everyone she knows thinks she should be happy. How can she explain she left a big part of her life behind, including her heart? Flying and the adrenaline-rush of a crisis are the only things that make her happy, and she volunteers to fly night call where all the action is. So maybe once in a while she takes a few chances. Hey, that's life, right? 

The Crown Of Valencia by Catherine Friend
10 out of 10 (except the ending was too brief)
Ex-lovers can really mess up your life. Kate Vincent's ex, Anna, certainly does. Not only does Anna interfere in Kate's love life, but she totally screws up the world by traveling back in time to 11th century Spain and changing one crucial event. As any sane person knows, you cannot alter an event in history without altering everything that follows--but Anna has an agenda, and a score to settle.
When Kate follows Anna back to the 11th century to clean up Anna's mess before she and those she loves cease to exist, she finds herself fighting not only Anna and her hired thugs, but also another woman--the woman Kate has never stopped loving. 

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